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Version 0.29 is avaiable now!!!

Update or Full install??? More....

I know there are some people who are not happy with the given hotlistmanager of arachne.They need better ways for handle a lot of links and sort them by categorys. Thats why I'm made this new bookmarkmanager for arachne.It offers some possibillities:

  • Making directorys for all your categories
  • Moving Links between Categories just with a few mouseclicks
  • Import of your existing linklists
  • Use HTML-tags for coloring your folders
  • sorting the list alphabetical

    The handling with mouse and buttons is easy.But you are free to use your editor to prepare the files for your work. But I think for most user this will do a good job.

    My intention was: make it userfriendly as possible. I want to have some tools like the main-arachne-buttons (back,forward, home,reload,ad to hotlist,hotlist,stop,search)permanently ready for use contrary to those of the 'Insight' -e-mail-client. The buttons there are scrolling up if the mail is large. Making this avaiable was difficult.I had to use 'frames'. Yes I know it is not the best way.But look at the result! It works great.

    The Installation-routine creates a directory 'HOTLIST' in the 'ARACHNE' - directory and changes the 'H' shortcut, so before install the programm make a B A C K U P if you have this directory created already !

    Because I am working on a machine with 450MHz and more than 100MB RAM. I made a

    T E S T on a 486 / 60 MHz / 16 Mb RAM no ramdrive

    version 0.1 was very slow

    - the original 'Hotlist' by Michael Polak was fast and simple and the best solution for slow machines. If you have not a better machine, let's say with 120 or 150MHz keep using your old hotlist. This one I made is really bloatware.

    version 02 is more fast...

    than the ' I '-shortcut to inbox with no incoming mail and no mails stored at the inbox. I checked all functions of the new hotlistmanager.I think this is fast enough...

    version 0.25
    Now it is possible to select more than one link for moving or deleting them. So the usability is much more better than before.

    version 0.26
    Now you can choose between open links in your hotlist at the actual frame(window) or 'fulscreen'. Fulscreen is preselected.If you want to change - like me - just open the 'hotlist.cfg' with editor and change from 'no' to 'yes'and run 'set-opt.exe' Thanks to David for suggestion.

    version 0.27
    Now you can move links with ONE! klick between folders. Mark the links you want to move and than mark the folder where you want to move them. Now hit the move-button.

    version 0.28
    some reported bugs fixed,textbuttons added,

    version 0.29
    added sorting-buttons, some bugfixes

Version 0.29 is avaiable now!!!

Update or Full install??? More....