version 0.29 now !

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Here on this pages you will find my stuff for the Arachne-Web-Browser. I'm using the DOS-version.There is a Arachne for Linux also avaiable. Everything on our world is having two sides like a coin. The same thing happens with Arachne. One disadventage is, Arachne can't show Java-script-stuff. But for me this is one important adventage.Because Arachne is secure against hacker-attacks.No need of firewall etc..Ok, suspicious mails you should scan anyway.Most virii are made for the BillGates-software or you ever heard much about virii for Linux??? One more disadventage is, some functions that we now from the nice new win-world are existing in arachne too. But the way they are solved could be better. For instance the print-option. A hobby-programer should revise it. I missed a good email-addressbook but more about this on the adressbook-page.

have fun
your Hans-Georg Hampel