HotlistManagerII version 0.27 is ready   28.Nov. 2005
The 0.27 version is really nice now.You can select,cut or move serveral bookmarks now.For moving them you do not need the for klick-procedure.Just select the Bookmarks you want, then the folder where youwant it and hit the move-button.Read more at BookmarkManager-section....

My son is born .....   27.Oct.2005
So I will have much less time for computing the next few weeks....;-)

myAddressBook light 0.1 is ready   24.July. 2005
I tried out a new concept.More DOS-like handling now.Look at the addressbook page

Small but nice improvement of ArachneHotlist II...   24.Juni. 2005
Now since version 0.25 it is possible to highlight more than one link and move ore delete them. So the ArachneHotlist_II is much more usable now. I get some feedback about the addressbook. There are problems with DR-DOS 7.01.07(by udo kuhnt)and FAT32.The same with OS2-DOS-box.

New features for the e-mail-addressbook...   26.October. 2004
with the new 1.77-core the '@filelist'-function works fine for me in arachne, so I am planning now to ad a ' makelist ' - button at the e-dressbook.I have some ideas for a better design too. So I will beginn with the next version 0.52 soon. the 0.55 will have the new design and handling.

The new ArachneHotlist II - Manager is ready...   20.October. 2004
and some bugs of version 0.1 fixed in 0.2 now.
I skipped the style-sheets.I could keep coding the apm install/uninstal -tool I begann last year.

I played a little with stylesheets...   14.December. 2003
and made a layout with better contrast.If you enable css in arachne-option you will see this.But normal layout is also visible. Checked with ie5 and firebird 0.7.

had not much time...   14.October. 2003
this sommer.The uninstaller is not ready at this moment.I hope I have time in winter.I fixed some reported bugs in AdressBook.The latest version is 0.51

good news   9.Febrary 2003
soooooooo! after all I found a way to eleminate the 'dirty' "copied 1 file" message while starting the AddressBook if it is installed already. You can change the following mime-line by yourself from:
file/address2.dgi >htm|call $eadrbook\\address2.bat $m $e \ncopy $maddress.htm $2
file/address2.dgi >htm|call $eadrbook\\address2.bat $m $e \ntype $maddress.htm >$2
or install this Fix.apm.

unistaller for arachne-APM   11.January 2003
Actually I'm working on an uninstaller for arachne - apm -plug-ins. The main-part is ready.But I need to change the output of apm.exe. If you 'speaking' C programming language you are welcome - mail me.

good news   15.December 2002
I fixed the switch-offline-bug.But for version 0.4 only. Thanks to glennmccc for the examples in his 'mime.cfg'.For all who like to change the mime-line themself-her it is:
file/address2.dgi >htm|call $eadrbook\\address2.bat $m $e \ncopy $maddress.htm $2
(for version 0.4) and all other can download the fix.apm here (for version 0.4 only). Just save after download with F2 and install like an normal arachne-apm.

A T T E N T I O N ! ! !   7.December 2002

I have found something like a bug..... If you are oneline and open the addressbook you will loose the connection.I never thinking about using adressbook while I'm online. I allways write e-mails offline so I found these bug very late.I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

For advanced Arachne-user :

It is something wrong in mime.cfg with file/adrselec2.dgi...line....

There are two critical points:

  • returning from the address2.bat
  • loading the file "address.htm" from current maildirectory
If you can fix the bug please send it to me.